Friday, January 4, 2008

Wedding Ring Coffin

I had to take my son to the allergy clinic this morning for his semi-weekly shot. This time I forgot to bring a book to read to pass the thirty minute wait required after the shot. (The wait is to insure there is no reaction to the shot, and because my son has had a reaction in the past—not a fun experience for neither him nor mom—I don’t mind the wait. Not having a book along was a dilemma since Doctor Offices usually have outdated magazines, but I scrounged through a pile nevertheless.

To my surprise and delete there was actually a December 2007 issue of Redbook cleverly hidden in the mix of pamphlets and well warn magazines that should have been discarded a few years ago at the least.

The fact I didn’t have a book along gave me a chance to glance at articles I would never bother reviewing normally which was great because I came across a little blurb about a woman named Jill Testa. Seems Jill had been recently divorced and while attending a funeral had an idea that really struck me as funny yet wonderful. She thought a great way to lay to rest her 20 year marriage was with a ring coffin.

Yes. You read it right; a ring coffin to “give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place”. (That’s from the website:

I couldn’t wait to arrive home and check out the site and folks let me tell you, it’s a great idea and the coffins are well made and beautiful. Looking at it almost cause me to wish I were getting a divorce. (My hubby knows I’m only kidding—a little.)

Under the sites “About us” heading you will find this poem:

“Once upon a time, there lived a young woman
who was lucky enough to meet a man
who she believed was her prince.

They fell in love,
got married,
had a child,
and almost lived happily ever after.

But after 20 years of kissing her prince,
the woman realized he was actually a frog!"

Isn’t that cute? I thought so, and if you’re going through a divorce I recommend checking the site out and giving that ring a proper resting place.

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