Friday, January 25, 2008

Pending Surgery

With my Arthroscopy surgery fast approaching I’ll admit I’m starting to wonder how in the world I’m going to manage crutches for three weeks.

Sure, I’ve been on crutches in my life but I was younger then and didn’t have knee problems. However, now that both of my knees are bone-on-bone I shutter at the thought of having to use one leg only. It should prove to be an interesting accomplishment.

I have a split level home and thankfully everything I’ll need for those weeks are on the main floor minus a bed. Fortunately we have the frame for a queen size bed and my mother has a mattes so I’ll but putting that up sometime between Sunday and Wednesday so once I’m in the house I’ll be set—I hope. There will still be sending the children off to school come Monday morning, and the days following with lunches to be packed and all that jazz.

Yep, life is never dull and this is going to be an adventure.

I’ll be on leave from my real job for at least thee weeks. I was bummed a first since my surgery is happing a week and a half prior to the anniversary date of employment which would give me three weeks vacation pay. However, having worked for the company for, as of February 15th, twenty years, the owner of the salon is going to advance me my vacation pay. I’m thrilled beyond words.

So on February 1st another adventure in my life will begin. That, along with running my online store, should keep me from becoming bored. (By the way, I just launched my second web site. The new one will specialize in baby merchandise; gift baskets, fine jewelry, clothing and more. My first site for photo blankets has a few new items, and I’ve added a deal of the day section that I’ll rotate.)

In closing I’ll say, if you’re a person given to prayer and wouldn’t mind throwing a few extra words for me and my surgery deal in the mix I’d appreciate it. If you’re not a praying person cross your fingers!

Here’s to fast healing, and my you have an awesome week!

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