Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Be still.Listen.

Do you hear that?

Hopefully you aren’t hearing anything, although in my case at the moment I hear my children running around the living room having a sliding contest regarding whose socks work the best on the hardwood floor. Good luck to them though. My floor requires some polishing and obstacle removal before it will be top notch smooth sailing material. But my point is this: The holiday rush is OVER!!!

Ah. The tranquility of it reaches beyond peaceful. Don’t get me wrong. I do like the Christmas season and all the Happy New Year jazz even though I was feeling like a hum bug mom not long ago. But I very much like the quite aftermath once the dust has settled, the gift wrap is put away and the Christmas tree has retired for another eleven months.

This Christmas was made special because my husband’s family was able to be together. He has three sisters. One lives in the same town as us but the other two live out of state so since they were able to venture north for Christmas makes the holiday more special and what little time we are able to spend with them is always well worth everything.

This evening was a New Years day meal at my in-laws and my children were able to spend time with cousins they don’t see often enough.

Well…..ok. The truth is, Nintendo DS is owned by all and was played by all but they were doing it at the same time so that counts as interacting—right?

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. They did interact, as the photo I uploaded of my daughter her cousin Bethany proves.

School begins Thursday (Praise the Lord!). It will be nice to get back to working on my website for woven photo blankets as well as the next one I’m planning. That one is going to offer personalized baby gifts. Finding suppliers who sew is going to be the key ‘cause I don’t sew. But some people do and perhaps they would like to add their blankets and other personalized gifts for babies to the site.

Yes, I’m looking forward to life becoming peaceful once again. Now if school could just be year round!

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