Monday, December 3, 2007

Humbug Mom

Alright. I'll be honest. The Walker family might not have a Christmas tree anywhere in the house this year and I'm not sad about it in the least. Why add more work to my life? But the truth is, I've told my two wonderful children that if they can't keep the living room picked up the tree isn't going up and guess what--Yep, the stockings aren't hung; the tree isn't trimmed--thank goodness the season is really only about HIM.

Now some of you may have picked up on that 'I have a week off from work' line and asked yourselves, "It's the Christmas Season. How did she manage that?" I'll start by saying, it wasn't a planned vacation. Doctor's orders, and I'm waiting to under go an MRI on Monday. I may have ripped something in my knee. As long as I'm taking it easy it doesn't hurt, but standing on it for a number of hours isn't going to help matters. I guess 27 years of hairdressing is taking its toll on the old body.

Fortunately I've gotten all the gifts for the Walker side of the family wrapped and will box them up so Alan can deliver them to Susan to take to her house. (Since I don't have a tree, and these gifts won't be unwrapped here there's no point in keeping them around.) I do have a few items to pick up for my side of the family, and as long as I don't shop-'till-I-drop I should be able to finish those last gifts soon and get them into the mail.

What is nice about my being off work for a week is the fact I can continue to work on the SEO of my website. For those of you trying to do just that I suggest the Internet Based Mom's website. It's a WONDERFUL place to find help and tips. Buy reviewing their suggestions I've grown a lot in my SEO knowledge and you will too.

The photo is of my children holding the first colored photo blanket I created for them. It looks great, but I did discover the TK photo blankets are way better. If anyone reading this blog does check out the site I recommend the TK photo blankets over the PT photo blankets!

Now you know, and have a great day!

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