Thursday, November 22, 2007

In The Beginning...

"You should blog."

I looked at my friend as though she were demented. Was she kidding? I'm the mother of two formidable elementary age kids. One has PDD--that's a autism spectrum disorder list for those of you who are clueless--and the other one has her own issues. My husband was diagnosed earlier this year with Asperger Syndrome--also under the autism canopy--which brings farther stress, I work part-time and have began an online business. I take care of a cat, two hermit crabs who were alive the last time I check, and quite a few dust bunnys. I don't have time to blog.

Her shrug was slight but it was there all the same. "Sure, I know how many hats you wear. But really, you should try it. Sometimes it helps to take a few moments to reflect and clear the mind."

I told her she was free to blog all she wanted. I don't have time.

But, here I am. Blogging. Writing my thoughts when it's after eleven pm, I'm tired and now I'm the mentally challenged one because instead of being all snug in my bed I'm starting a blog.

It's not going to be a long one, that's for darn sure and the fact that tomorrow is the big after Thanksgiving sale which, by the way I REFUSE to attempt, I really do need to get some sleep.

But before I go I want to mention one thing. If you haven't picked up Josh Gorban's Christmas CD 'Noel' it's a must have. He does Silent Night as only Josh can. Perfect pitch and so wonderfully traditional that my husband didn't complain one bit that I find myself wanting to simply close my eyes when I hear him sing and allow the music to flow through me. (I guess I won't be listening to it in the car!)

So anyway, this is my first blog. I'm tired, and this is the end to the beginning.

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